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about mmd

the face behind the brand

hi, I'm Monica Malan,
owner & designer of MMD Studio

MMD Studio is a multi-disciplinary design studio that specialises in creating impactful websites and memorable branding.

In early 2015,

I embarked on a journey as a designer that has led me to create a variety of websites and branding for clients all over the world. From small businesses to enthusiastic entrepreneurs, large corporations to NGOs, energy healers to hotels, weddings to beauty products, and beyond, I’ve worked with a diverse range of clients.

Over the years, my skills as a designer have evolved and grown alongside the industry itself. I’ve learned to adapt to new technologies and design trends, while always keeping my clients’ unique needs and styles in mind. With each new project, I approach it with an open mind and a willingness to explore new ideas and techniques.

one of the most rewarding aspects

of my job is seeing the impact my designs have on my clients’ businesses. Whether it’s an increase in website traffic, higher engagement on social media, or a boost in sales, knowing that my work has helped my clients achieve their goals is truly gratifying.

Looking back on my journey so far, I’m proud of the work I’ve done and the relationships I’ve built with my clients. I’m excited to see where the future of design takes me and am eager to continue creating meaningful and impactful designs for years to come.

how I can help you

speciality design services

At MMD Studio, we value collaboration in design. I work closely with my clients to gain insight into their values, goals, and target audience, ensuring that every design element is tailored to their specific needs. My unique and memorable branding capabilities are one of my greatest strengths.

Whether it’s launching a new website, rebranding your business, or enhancing your online marketing efforts, MMD Studio has the expertise and creativity to help you succeed. My commitment to delivering exceptional design solutions that create a lasting impact is paramount, and I always prioritise quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

30 minutes of chit-chat on me!

Feeling curious or not sure where to start? Reach out, and let’s have a chat! We’ll walk through everything together, uncovering endless design possibilities. It’s always helpful to have someone to bounce ideas off and provide guidance. That’s where I come in!