Born and raised in the coastal town of Durban, South Africa, it was at a young age that I developed my love for the beach, ocean and art. My weekends were spent on the beach with family and friends enjoying the simple pleasures of being in the beautiful ocean and ending the day with tanned skin and salty hair.

After starting a degree in Fashion Design, I quickly realised that designing clothes was definitely not for me – soon after, I headed into web and graphic design which felt a lot more familiar.

After working at a few design agencies, I decided to create my own space to start crafting brands that tell a story, websites that feel like a home, and help clients fall in love with their business. I value each project as if it’s my own business. Each one is a new piece of art and something that is truly unique from the next. 

My creativity and passion for creating is ever-expanding, and have now started doing beach & ocean inspired commission pieces in my unique style. I specialise in many art forms such as acrylic, watercolour, resin art, line drawings and typography.

I love what I do and simply want to share my art with the world.

I hope to hear from you soon!